Renovation Inspiration: 5 Brilliant Home Remodeling Ideas

You don’t have to go out and buy a new home to get the dream home you want. Remodel your current space with these 5 Brilliant Home Makeover Ideas.

Over 60% of United States citizens are homeowners and thanks to the housing market’s meteoric rise, more and more people who own homes are investing in them through remodels.

Home remodels can bring a bevy of benefits to the families who choose to undertake them. Not only can you vastly improve the happiness and comfort of your living situation, but they can help improve your home’s valuewhich makes interior remodels more of an investment than an expense.

If you’re considering renovating portions of your home but aren’t sure where to start, this article is for you!

In it, our team goes over some home makeover ideas that will inspire you!

1. Discreet Bathroom Storage

There’s nothing quite like having a modern restroom. They feel clean and make you feel comfortable while unwinding with a nice hot bath or shower.

The top things present in restrooms that can shatter the modern illusion are items like shampoo bottles, conditioner, body wash, sponges, etc. littering your shower area.

That’s why discreet bathroom cabinetry is one of our favorite home makeover ideas.

With discreet cabinetry, you can store your bathroom necessitates in closets that slide out of wall spaces or just brilliantly blend into your bathroom’s background.

Check out this stunning example.

2. Mirrored Tiles in Windowless Rooms

Do you have a windowless room in your home? They are particularly common in half bathrooms and they make most of us feel claustrophobic.

In order to give your windowless room a touch of character and help them seem less cramped, try adding mirrored tiles to one of the walls. The difference will be staggering, modern, and make your space more habitable.

3. Reading Nooks

There’s nothing quite like cozying up with an awesome book in the autumn and winter. That’s why cozy book nooks made the cut on our home makeover ideas list.

With a book nook, you can inspire both yourself and your family to read more and have a family room centerpiece that’s the envy of all of your visitors!

4. Upgrading Your Shower Floor with Teak

Tile shower floors are plain and can look nasty. If you want to make your shower feel more like a premium spa, replacing your floor with teak can have an incredible effect!

5. Building a Bench into Your Kitchen’s Island

If you have a kitchen island, you may be able to get even more value out of it by adding a bench to its backside as seen here.

This isn’t just one of the best-looking home makeover ideas we’ve seen, it’s also great for space conservation!

Wrapping Up Renovation Inspiration: 5 Brilliant Home Remodeling Ideas

If you’re looking to renovate your home to give it a dash of character and up its value, we recommend trying out one of our home makeover ideas above.

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