Remodeling and decorating a small kitchen isn’t easy. You want to create a space that offers both functionality and style while reflecting your personality. For inspiration, check out these small kitchen design ideas you’ve never thought of!

Having a small kitchen can feel like there’s little to work with, design wise.

You need somewhere with lots of storage and enough space to prepare your meals. Retaining style and function can be tricky, but not impossible.

If you’re looking for small kitchen design ideas, we’ve got you covered. Read on for some small kitchen inspiration.

5 Small Kitchen Design Ideas to Inspire You

We aren’t all blessed with enormous kitchens which have enough space to host an army. But small kitchens are a beauty. They’re functional, practical, and easy to style.

Do you feel like a small kitchen remodeling is on the horizon? Get inspired with these 5 easy tips to get your space looking ace.

1. Store Up High

When you’ve got a small kitchen, every inch of storage space is valuable. If you’re struggling to find space to put bowls and pans, look up.

The space on the top of your kitchen cabinets serves as great storage. Get some baskets to put things in and voila, it’s the perfect shelving unit!

You can also remove cabinets which reach the ceiling and replace them with shelves. This opens the space up and can provide you with more practical storage.

Any tall storage should only store big items such as mops and brushes. You should also keep things like food processors or slow cookers to free up valuable bench space.

2. Remove Cabinet Doors

Getting rid of the cabinet doors may seem crazy, but it’s a great way to open up space.

It retains all the storage functionality but makes the space appear more open and bigger. Paint the cabinets in either white or dark colors. If you have a white kitchen (see number 3) this can make the room pop.

Another great bonus: it’s a great way to find anything you need in an instant!

3. All White Design

Small rooms can feel dark and dingy, making them uninviting spaces to be in.

Using white for your walls and cabinets lightens up the space and makes it more welcoming.

If you have a brick wall, keep it exposed. The white around it will help lighten the room up while retaining the great features of your home.

You can add in little pops of color to keep things fun and stylish. They’ll stand out more and draw your eye to the colors you do decide to show off.

4. Invest in Hanging Racks

Things like pots, pans and utensils can take up a lot of storage space. In a tiny kitchen, all storage space is precious.

Make sure to invest in a hanging rack which you can install in the ceiling of the kitchen. You can hang pots. pans and cooking utensils from here to keep them out of the way and easy to reach at a moment’s notice.

They’re also super stylish! Bronze and copper hanging racks give a rustic yet modern feel. It also acts as a great center piece in the room and works great with light and dark colors.

5. Find a Functional Island

Tiny kitchens may not have room for bulky islands like larger kitchens do but you can still have one.

Pick out an island that serves many purposes. Make sure it’s a space you can use to prepare your meals and use as a table to eat at.

Try to find one with built-in storage space too. Islands are great pieces for keeping extra kitchen tools and make the room stylish as well.

Small Kitchen Design Ideas to Make Your Kitchen Pop

If your kitchen is small, it doesn’t mean you’re stuck for design ideas. There are a lot of great ways to use the space and make it unique.

These small kitchen design ideas are perfect for making the most of your space. They don’t cost much and can make a huge difference.

Thinking of getting your room remodeled? Get in touch with us and we can help create the kitchen of your dreams!